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New email clients that attempt to stand out in a category overwhelmed with similar software don't offer many new ideas.

However, Postbox wants to make an impression by contributing new features that renew the concept of email management through basing its functionality on indexing content and integrating with Internet email accounts.

Postbox indexes everything you receive in your inbox: text, images, email addresses, links, etc. and presents them in an organized fashion in the different sections of the program, in which you can search, label, and organize any indexed item.

Not only will you be able to organize and store this information locally, but you will also be able to save and share every indexed item in different Internet services, such as Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Google Docs, FriendFeed, Delicious, etc.

Another feature that makes Postbox a truly unique email client is its integration with Internet email accounts. It is capable of obtaining all kinds of data from your email, from email messages to information regarding your contacts.

This, combined with a preview of each email message, a totally complete editing bar, the ability to convert emails into a to-do list, a very efficient search bar, and the ability to install Thunderbird extension, makes Postbox an alternative to popular email clients that is really worth trying out.